How Much will it cost for Planning?


Planning Permission costs £110.00 including VAT throughout the UK. You will have to wait upto 8 weeks.

How Much will it cost for Building Control?


Building Inspection fees will vary slightly from Council to Council, but on average the fees are Approx: £570 plus £30 for a completion certificate, this is taken from The London Borough of Barnet Council, 2010.

Can I Get A Private Company for Building Control, and How Much will this Cost


Yes you can employ a Private Company, Private Building Control Companies will be Approved, and designated by the Government. All the Inspectors are authorized under the Building Act 1984 to carry out building control work in England and Wales as an alternative to Local Authority Building Control.

Their are advantages and disadvantages in choosing to go with an Approved Private Building Control Company.

The Advantages of a Private Company

When you employ private building control they will give you more of a personal service, and in most cases are a bit more punctual on tuning up on time, and getting the work of your loft conversion a bit more of a push towards completion.

The disadvantages:
When it comes to the price, you will find that private building control will be more expensive. A tipical price would be £750 – £800