Think About Personally Converting Your Loft

Have you run out of space? If changing houses is out of the question then the next best thing you could do is to go for loft conversions. The attic in your London home might be hospitable to only spiders and worms as of now but with a conversion, you can make get an extra room out of it. Whether you use the space to relocate extra family members or use it for storage, it is entirely up to you. There are loft conversions London specialists who can do the job for you in half the time it shall take you to do it personally with the help of a contractor however if you still wish to convert it by hand then here is a small guide to help you with the job.

Decide On Help

There are many magazines and internet articles on how to convert your loft on your own. Thumb through a few and understand the procedure involved. Then decide on whether to take up the project solo or take the help of loft conversions London specialists. Even if you plan to do it yourself, taking the advice of contractors is always advisable.

Draw Up a Plan

Loft conversions in London require a special building permit before you can begin renovation. Ensure that you meet your local building authority and get your plan drawn up and accepted before starting work.

Strengthen the Roof and get Scaffolding

Use steel joists to increase the roof strength so that when you create an entry point the roof holds. Next, put in the dormer or velux windows to allow sunlight to penetrate the attic. Do remember that scaffolding must be on top of your list when you get materials to do you loft conversion.

Start Work on the Interior

Start furbishing the interior by putting up walls and opening up the attic to the house below. Also, build a staircase, either a fixed or a drop down type to connect the top floor with the attic entrance. Finish the interior by painting the walls and ceilings, putting in necessary electric points and furnishing the space to complete your first shot at loft conversions in London.

Although, the process sounds easy, for a person with minimal experience in renovating houses, it is best to hire a loft conversions London specialist. This may cost you more in the long run but it will ensure you peace of mind.

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