The Approval Process of Building Regulations

Approval is needed in most loft conversions in London as building regulations are almost always applying to building constructions. Approved Inspectors from the private sector or Local Authority will verify whether Building Regulations are met.

Submit an Application

When approval for Building Regulation is needed it must be done before you start your work and two types are available – Building Notice application and Full Plans application.

Building Notice application for Loft conversions in London

When a Building Notice application is done, you will receive an acknowledgement receipt and receive detailed guidance notes. In the case of your loft conversion being very complex and in need of detailed consideration, you may be asked for additional information. Details and full building plans do not have to be prepared in the construction of loft conversions in London, which is a great advantage in this application.

The Notice does not have to be rejected or approved and building work can progress on site. Only 24 hours and you can commence work on your loft conversion after submission of the Building Notice application and you receive your receipt. The disadvantage lies in the fact that some building societies, banks and finance houses are not in favour of this application.

Full Plans Applications for Loft Conversions in London

As with Building Notice applications you will also receive full guidance notes and acknowledgement of receipt. Submitted details will be checked for compliance with Building Regulations and this will happen during the statutory period which is five weeks. Amendments or additional information may then be requested. From the date of this application in case of amendment details or additional information, the deadline of application approval is two months.

An approval notice will be issued when your plans are found to be in compliance of required Regulations. The plans can also be conditionally approved for construction of loft conversions in London or other building work to save on re-submitting of application when additional information or amendments are required. Outstanding conditions on your applications approval will be cleared when all information is available.

A Full Plans application has an advantage of potential financial saving as well as security gained by the building in accordance to approved application. You will have confidence that your plans are approved and in compliance of Building Regulations. Should you commence before approval the risk is high that you are not in compliance and breaking down work will be costly to say the least.

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