Laying of Loft Boarding

Utilizing Roof Space

To lay down loft boarding is an excellent way of utilizing your loft space and you do not need to be a DIY expert either as it is easy and quick. You can purchase loft boarding very cheap in small panels or larger chipboard sheets. Although the smaller panels are more expensive in the long run they are easier to manage because of the size. Regardless of the size material you decide upon the cost will be less than 100 pounds and your loft will be boarded. This is excellent alternative to loft conversions in London if you want to use it simply for storage and do not have any additional money for a loft conversion.

Determining Area and Materials for Loft Boarding

You will need only your boards, screwdriver, wood screws and a saw to complete the job, which you will do in a single afternoon. You will need to measure the length and depth of the roof space and multiply it in order to work out the amount of sheets required to cover the area. You can leave out the awkward areas under eaves if you are only boarding for storage purposes as you will not lose a lot of space. The job will be easier and faster as you only need to board the middle.

Laying the Boards

If you have any electrical cables which run on top of roof joists, it may be a good idea to lay timber battens across the joists. The joist can then also be raised, strengthened and levelled in the process before you start laying the boarding. If you know for sure that the loft will only be used for storage which is very light and decide not to add some strengthening, you have to take another precaution.

The wiring is very important in the roof and it is strongly advised not to cut into the joists in an attempt to bury any wiring. This will weaken the joists tremendously and you will end up paying more than you bargained for when your joists collapse over time, through the weakening of cutting into it. Instead hire an electrician to re-route all the wiring if you are not capable of doing the wiring yourself.

Screw in the Boards

The loft boarding are fixed with screws instead of nails as it will make taking them down in the case of full loft conversions London at a later stage much easier. The loft boarding is put against each other and you must make sure that they join in middle of the joist, fixing them using 1.5” – 3” screws. Longer screws may go through your timber and straight into the ceiling. The great thing about laying loft boarding is that you do not need approval of building regulations or planning permission.

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