Ladders used in Loft Conversions


Many types of loft ladders can be used in a loft conversion and mainly the choice you make will be greatly influenced by the purpose of the loft conversion. When you have a loft conversion which is mainly for storage purposes, it may be infrequently accessed, you will not necessarily need a fixed staircase or a high-quality loft ladder. If you for example have it as a bedroom or children's playroom, you will most certainly make use of a fixed staircase or top quality loft ladder.

If you plan to use your loft conversion frequently and depending on the space available to you, it is wise to use pull-down or fitted loft ladders. In many cases an extension ladder will be perfect if space is a problem otherwise a fixed flight of stairs is perfect. There are several different types and forms of pull-down loft ladders and can be made either from wood or metal. When space is an issue, they make it easy to use for taking up no floor space and landings are kept clear.

In loft conversions there are two different types of pull-down loft ladders used. A sliding loft ladder and a continental folding loft ladder are the two basic types used. The choice will be that of the home owner but for stowing and easy lowering it is recommended to use a ladder with spring assistance.

When a loft ladder has handrails it is even a better choice as it will make descending and ascending much safer and secure. When loft conversions are used only for storage purposes it will be wise to use a heavy-duty loft ladder if you plan to store heavy items. An aluminium ladder will be a good choice if you like a compact ladder. Wooden ladders does feel more comfortable and often more sturdy and if you also prefer it to be very quiet, wood will be your choice in a ladder for the loft.

You may weigh the pros and cons of the different ladders and if space allows you may decide on a staircase instead. There is however a great solution for home owners if they do not want the full flight of stairs. Alternating tread staircases is a good choice when space is limited and it is much steeper than a normal staircase as well as narrower. For safety reasons, it is recommended that handrails are added to an alternating tread staircase.

The choice of loft ladders is related to loft conversions and it is recommended that you firstly know what you will be using the loft for and if you have the space to accommodate the ladder or stairs, before you make the choice.


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