Information on Loft Hatches

A loft hatch is usually above a second floor landing in UK properties and even in the case of storage loft conversions in London, it will have to be enlarged if used regularly. It is seldom that the existing hatch will be big enough for any loft conversions London, regardless of the use of the intended loft conversion. You will need to fit stairs or a ladder to access the converted loft and it can be a quick and easy job to fit a loft hatch.

If you are lucky and the existing hatch has sufficient size then you only need to fit hinges, but that may be only available in the larger and older houses. If it is not the case in your loft conversion then you make loft hatches from 19 mm thick MDF sheets which are cut to size and insulated to comply with building regulations.

Loft ladders which are concertina style are more difficult to insulate and a solution to this problem is an insulated box that will sit over the ladder if it is not used. Pre-manufactured loft hatches are available in vast ranges which you can use for any loft conversions in London. It will be practical and very easy to fit one of these loft hatches for your loft conversion London and they have the added advantage of being compliant with fire safety and building regulations.

Depending on model, the specialist suppliers of loft hatches for loft conversions in London give their average price from only 50 pounds. The price will naturally depend on loft conversion specifications and the dimensions of access holes in loft conversions London. A hatch can be purchased separately or with a loft ladder and comes with textured finishes, insulated and sealed with spring-loaded catches.

Frames are also supplied when you buy a pre-manufactured unit and makes fitting very easy and neat in the enlarged opening of the loft conversion for the hatch. As they are beautifully finished you will not need to add finishing after installation. Locking catches are available with most pre-manufactured loft hatches as it usually opens with a pole and you can safely lock away valuables if you want to use your loft conversion for storage purposes. It is nevertheless a great security precaution regardless what you use the loft for.

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