Books on Loft Conversions

Loft Conversion Books

Although it is the era of Internet and plenty information can be found online about loft conversions London, it is still nice to sit in bed and read a book instead of a computer screen. You will need to do proper research to have the right background knowledge, technical understanding, planning and designing knowledge before you proceed with the intended conversion of a loft. DIY loft conversion cannot be done unless you know exactly how to successfully do the conversion of your loft as well as building regulations and loft conversions costs.

Planning to do loft conversions in London

If you plan on doing a loft conversion there are great books available which you will benefit from and the following books are highly recommended. The “Loft Conversion Manual” will provide you with excellent guidance in simple to understand English and no building jargon which you will not understand. Colour photographs accompany the step-by-step instructions, examples and loft conversion types. Ian Rock is the author of this book which you can purchase on Amazon for only 12 pounds.

Loft Conversion Books on Amazon

Other books on Amazon which will be a great asset to proposed loft conversions in London are:

  • Home Extensions by Paul Hymers and can be acquired for 13.95 pounds new or at very low prices second hand.

  • Roof Construction and Loft Conversion by C. N. Mindham is a paperback and selling at a price of 33.50 pounds.

  • Building Stairs by Kevin Ireton is also a paperback and sell at only 7.24 pounds with free delivery in the UK.

  • Loft Conversions by John Coutts is a paperback selling at 33.28 pounds.

  • Attics, Dormers, and Skylights is available at the low price of 2, 98 pounds new.

  • Home Extension also from the best-selling author Ian Rock is a newer edition to Home Extensions at 16.99 pounds in Hardcover.

  • Loft Conversions by Laurie Williamson is a Hardcover and available at 12.06 and if you buy a good used book it is only 5.50 ponds.

Great Benefit of Referring

There are thousands of books and the most important benefit of purchasing a book on loft conversions London is that you are ensured of always having it handy in case you need to refer to some aspects in regards to your loft conversion. You surely do not want to carry your laptop upstairs with you and you cannot take your computer with, unless you print the pages. This is also less desired as a book will be more convenient when you bookmark important and relevant pages with markers.


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